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How To Removing McAfee Antivirus Using The Command Prompt?

There are a lot of internet utility tools that help us in maintaining our life at a par stage every time. We use these tools and applications on daily basis without pondering about anything related to these. Take anything from this world and you will find that it definitely has something related to the internet. And when this internet word gets attached to something then there attaches some vulnerability also. And to prevent our systems from any such vulnerability, we install best of antivirus and other security software’s. One such software which has been discussed in this blog is McAfee.

It is a complete package in itself. Here, by installing it, you get a whole set of services with all the tools that are needed to make your computer or any other device full secure. You can also take the help of McAfee Support to learn some of the interesting features of this application. It is not only an antivirus but also a waste removal tool with the tune up arrangement and network protection tool also.

If you are facing any difficulty with this product and want to remove it from your computer but are unable to do so through the programs and features window then you can follow the below mentioned steps in order to remove it through command prompt:

  • 1. First, on your computer, press the keyboard combination Windows + R and click OK to proceed.
  • 2. Now you have to navigate to your McAfee software by providing the access path to that place where this product is installed.
  • 3. Now you will see some keys corresponding to your all the installed products on your computer. Select only that key that corresponds to the McAfee application.
  • 4. Press the uninstall command and then select the modify button to proceed to next screen.
  • 5. Highlight the value data by selecting it and copy it to the run dialogue box.
  • 6. Click OK and the product will now uninstall by itself.

You can Contact McAfee Antivirus Support from your phone to get some additional assistance. Our Expert team even can do the required task on your behalf. They will make sure that your problem is solved in minimum interval of time.

Scope of Support for mcafee

  • Forgot Password help.
  • Blocked mcafee Account help.
  • Temporarily Blocked mcafee account.
  • Account Hacked.
  • Problem to Open mcafee Inbox/drafts/folders.
  • Strengthen the security features to block Spam mails.
  • Unable to open mcafee attachment .
  • Gtalk or Google Messenger not working.
  • Issue In POP and IMAP.
  • Not able to open mcafee login Page.